Boost Income

Seek out resources that can boost your income and support your financial goals

job support

Find support from local programs that specialize in job search assistance, job skills trainingESL classes, or GED classes.

free tax preparation

There are over 30 Free Tax Centers across DFW that offer free, safe, and accurate tax preparation. You can also file for free online at Find free tax preparation options near you.


Learn about benefits that you may be eligible for, including food assistance programs, housing assistance, healthcare, and job search and training programs at

If you are in need of food assistance, learn more about the North Texas Food Bank SNAP enrollment and food pantry locator.

pay for college

If you are interested in attending college and need support to pay for it, government grants can help. Learn more about paying for college at the CFPB, learn more about the TAFSA, and check out You Can Afford College to find local workshops and support.

get creative

There are lots of ways to increase income that you may not have thought about. Check out Ways to Increase Income to see how you may be able to increase your income.